“Ianuae” Character Design

Character design “Ianuae”


Type: Creature Design

Genre: Sci-fi

Purpose: Antagonistic character

Programs: Procreate

Function: Illustrator, character designer

Date: 03/2021 – On Going

Ianuae is the antagonist alien I designed for the upcoming animated short “Ianuae: Return to Earth”. It will be 3D animated with 2D effects. The story is set 500 years in the future and the last remains of human kind are living in a giant spaceship, looking for a new home. Nova, who is part of the exploration/research team is tasked to see if Earth is livable again for humans. While on Earth she encounters an alien who has made Earth his new home and tries to convince her to not let human kind return.

For Ianuae’s design I first made a moodboard of hybrid creatures and creature designs to draw inspiration from. After which I started to sketch some possible forms.

After liking one of the sketches I started to defined them more before trying out some colour swatches. For his desin I wanted him to look like he was more in tune with nature.

After those trials a warm colour palet was chosen for him. This way he wouldn’t blend in too much with the backgrounds. It unintentionally also gave him more of an autumn feeling. As you can see, he has four eyes and with the antenna on his head he can create portal so he can teleport to any place on Earth.

Character design “Nova”