About me

— I’m a visual storyteller with a love for music, who likes making illustrations, animations & graphic designs .

I am Samantha Chantre Dos Reis, a Portuguese creative from the Netherlands.

In 2019 I graduated in Media Design from Mediacollege in Amsterdam. Where I learned all about the graphic design process and developed the skills to work on posters, branding, app design and more. Through this I garnered quite some knowledge of the Adobe programs.

After graduating college, I am once again a full time student. Now I’m working on getting my Bachelor in Animation & Illustration. Becoming more knowledgeable in both the 2D and 3D aspects of this creative field and becoming a better storyteller in the process.

I mostly enjoy creating stories or characters with fantasy elements or some sort of coming of age story where we get more insight into the character. So I mostly like making work for entertainment purposes, as that is what I personally like to watch as well, and to create characters people can relate to and worlds people can get lost in to escape reality. As that is what drew me into animation in the first place and I would like to provide that same comfort for others as well.

In my free time I am an avid concert goer who you won’t see leaving the house without a pair of earbuds. I also thoroughly enjoy watching animated series and tend to get a lot of inspiration and joy from them as well as from superhero content such as comic books.

Knowledgeable in: